My published books include novels, cookbooks, museum exhibition materials, and academic resources. You’ll find many of these books on my Amazon Author Central profile.



Darkness Calls (May 2023, Podium Publishing)

Michael Katz Krefeld’s Mørket kalder translated from Danish.

Cult (May 2023, HarperCollins)

Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexeus’s Kult translated from Swedish.

Black Ice (January 2023, Head of Zeus)

Carin Gerhardsen’s Det som göms i snö translated from Swedish (UK edition).

Lonely Journey (January 2023, Centrala)

Ida Rørholm Davidsen’s Lonely Journey translated from Danish.

The Other Sister (December 2022, The Overlook Press)

Peter Mohlin & Peter Nyström’s Den andra systern translated from Swedish.

You Are Next (November 2022, Harvill Secker)

Arne Dahl’s Mittvatten, translated from Swedish.

Codename Faust (November 2022, Zaffre)

Gustaf Skördeman’s Faust translated from Swedish.

Dark Music (August 2022, MacLehose Press)

David Lagercrantz’s Obscuritas, translated from Swedish.

Mushrooms (August 2022, Hardie Grant)

Martin Nordin’s Laga svamp, translated from Swedish.

Sweet Revenge (June 2022, HarperCollins)

An omnibus of two Camilla Läckberg novellas (Truth or Dare and Women Without Mercy) translated from Swedish.

Trapped (May 2022, HarperCollins)

Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexeus’s Box translated from Swedish.

Truth or Dare (September 2021, HarperCollins)

Camilla Läckberg’s novella Gå i fängelse translated from Swedish.

The Bucket List (August 2021, The Overlook Press)

Peter Mohlin & Peter Nyström’s Det sista livet translated from Swedish.

Tears of Silver (July 2021, HarperCollins)

Camilla Läckberg’s Vingar av silver translated from Swedish.

Black Ice (June 2021, Penzler Publishers)

Carin Gerhardsen’s Det som göms i snö translated from Swedish.

Women Without Mercy (June 2021, HarperCollins)

Camilla Läckberg’s novella Kvinnor utan nåd translated from Swedish.

Geiger (April 2021, Zaffre)

Gustaf Skördeman’s Geiger translated from Swedish.

Both Sides (October 2020, Monoray)

Nicklas Bendtner & Rune Skyum-Nielsen’s Begge sider, translated from Danish.

The Art of Stillness in a Noisy World (October 2020, Hardie Grant)

Magnus Fridh’s Att vara stilla när allt skyndar, translated from Swedish.

Fire, Smoke, Green (April 2020, Hardie Grant)

Martin Nordin’s Eld, rök, grönt, translated from Swedish.

The Silent War (September 2019, Riverrun)

Andreas Norman’s The Silent War, sequel to Into A Raging Blaze, translated from Swedish.

Audience – An Anthology on Art, Culture and Development (March 2019, Kultur i Väst)

Scandinavian-language anthology Publik – en antologi om konst, kultur och utveckling.

30-Minute Vegetarian (October 2018, Hardie Grant)

Ylva Bergqvist’s 30-Minute Vegetarian, translated from Swedish.

The Way Chose You (September 2018, Church of Sweden)

K. G. Hammar’s The Way Chose You, translated from Swedish.

Kitchen Brewing (August 2018, Hardie Grant)

Jakob Nielsen & Mikael Zetterberg’s Kitchen Brewing, translated from Swedish.

Good Girls Don’t Tell (November 2016, World Editions)

Tredje graden – debut novel by Liselotte Roll, translated from Swedish.

Konstepidemin – Epidemic of Art (January 2016)

Konstepidemin about the renowned Gothenburg art project, edited by Berit Jonsvik. Translated from Swedish.

Nature Is My Kitchen (July 2014, VARDA)

Greta Huuva’s autobiographical cookbook Naturen är mitt kök, translated from Swedish.

Into A Raging Blaze (July 2014, Quercus)

Andreas Norman’s debut novel En rasande eld (Into A Raging Blaze), translated from Swedish. Shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association International Dagger in 2015.

Laponia: Nature and Natives (October 2013, VARDA)

Non-fiction publication Laponia: Nature and Natives. Translated from Swedish. Also included English-language copyediting, and supervision of translation from English to Swedish and Italian to English.

Vikings! (October 2012, Historiska Museet)

Gunnar Andersson’s book Vikings! translated from Swedish, published in connection with Historiska Museet’s touring Viking exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland.

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