I work extensively on non-literary commercial translations of Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) into English.

Past bespoke projects and direct clients include:

  • Gothenburg Book Fair – English-language seminar programme in connection with major international book fair (2020 onwards)
  • The Swedish Arts Council – texts for publication in the Swedish Literature Exchange magazine ‘New Swedish Books’
  • Producentbyrån Göteborg – anthology of essays from Scandinavian (2019)
  • Kultur i Väst, Noll 27 – magazine for City of Gothenburg public library (2019)
  • Revue Perspective – academic texts from Scandinavian to English for French journal (2019)
  • Gummerus – texts from Swedish for anthology in Finland (2019)
  • Fristäder i Västra Götaland – exhibition materials from Swedish (2018)
  • SWEA International – publicity and website materials from Swedish (2017 onwards)
  • Norvik Press – academic articles from Scandinavian (2018 onwards)
  • His Majesty’s Gracious Ordinance Regarding the Freedom of Writing and of the Press – Co-translation with Peter Graves from Swedish of Tryckfrihetsförordningen (the press freedom law) issued in Sweden in 1766 on the occasion of its 250th anniversary (November 2016)

I translate for a range of agency clients based in the UK, Scandinavia and elsewhere.

In addition to translation, I offer related services including proofreading, reviews, original articles, and lectures.

Please contact me if you have a project for me to consider!